Washington Post Tells Americans That Biden's Recession Is 'Good for You Financially'

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  • Source: Townhall
  • 09/30/2022
Well, they've done it again. The Washington Post, that is, has rushed to President Joe Biden's aid in a week where his job approval plummeted five points from the previous one, the government confirmed that the economy contracted in the second quarter while inflation accelerated, and Biden searched a crowd for a congresswoman whose death he publicly mourned in August. 

In a twist that made Twitter ask, "Did Ron Klain write this?" WaPo ran a story claiming to offer "7 ways a recession could be good for you financially." Because of course. And no, it's not a guest post by a writer from The Babylon Bee.

Despite the fact that the Biden administration and Democrats have denied the existence of a recession ever since the first estimate for Q2 GDP showed contraction — meeting the textbook definition of a recession — The Washington Post is somewhat more willing to accept reality. 

Why else would WaPo be preemptively carrying water for the Biden administration's failed economic policies unless they're coming around to realize what Americans have felt for months since the White House and liberal outlets like WaPo lied to them about inflation being "transitory" — the economy is crumbling and it's Joe Biden's fault. 
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