Trump Planning to ‘Flip’ New York Amid Illegal Immigrant Crisis

Former President Donald Trump said he plans to give New York “a heavy shot” in his campaign, as he believes there is potential to “flip” traditionally Democratic-leaning states in the general election.

The Republican presidential candidate told Fox News on Feb. 4 that he would hold rallies in South Bronx and Madison Square Garden as part of his campaign for a second term in office.

“Do I think we have a chance? New York has changed a lot in the last two years. We have migrants all over the street. They are living on Madison Avenue. Nobody can believe what’s happened to New York,” he said.

President Trump said he believes Democratic strongholds such as New York, where he claimed people are “unhappy” because crime rates have hit “record levels,” can be “flipped” in the general election.

“The people of New York are angry. People that would have never voted for me because I’m a Republican. I mean they’re Democrats … I think they’re going to vote for me. So, I think we’re going to give New York a heavy shot,” the former president said.

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