Supreme Court Sets Date for COVID Social Media Censorship Case

The Supreme Court has scheduled oral argument in Murthy v. Missouri, which involves multiple states and medical professionals suing the Biden administration for allegedly coercing social media companies to suppress certain content about COVID-19.

Missouri brought the suit along with Louisiana, social media users, and the founder of Gateway Pundit. Among the defendants are dozens of Biden administration officials including Surgeon General Vivek Murthy and White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. President Biden was a defendant in the case, previously known as Biden v. Missouri, while it went through the Fifth Circuit but was later removed, along with others like Food and Drug Administration, because the district court ultimately didn’t enter injunctive relief against them.

Scheduled for March 18, the oral argument comes after some justices decided to stay a lower court decision halting the government from coercing or meaningfully controlling social media platforms content moderation efforts. It involves communications between White House officials, various executive entities like the Centers for Disease Control and FBI, and social media companies.

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