REPORT: Virginia Father Arrested After His Teen Daughter Allegedly Raped by Trans Student in Public School

Groundbreaking reporting from the Daily Wire have revealed that a transgender student allegedly raped a 15-year old classmate in Loudoun County, Virginia, with  public school concealing information regarding the alleged sexual assault from parents and students.

According to the Elizabeth Lancaster, a lawyer of Scott Smith- the father of the girl victimized in the alleged sexual assault- the student in question has been charged with two counts of forcible sodomy, one count of anal sodomy, and one count of forcible fellatio, surrounding an event at Stone Bridge High School. A freshman was allegedly raped in a girl’s bathroom by a male student who wears female clothing and identifies as bisexual. 

Smith, the alleged victim’s father, was charged with charges of two misdemeanors-disorderly conduct and obstruction of justice (resisting arrest) as a result of a protest against the far-left school board of the Loudoun County, which is accused of sweeping the case of sexual assault at Stone Bridge High School under the rug. It’s unclear if the criminal case have resulted in convictions, with the juvenile court system also accused of concealing the court proceedings against the minor accused of sex crimes.