Project Veritas Reveals Fauci’s NIH Signed Off On Research Rejected By DoD As Gain of Function

New bombshell reporting released Monday night by Project Veritas indicates that the US military’s premier scientific research organization had declined to fund research conducted by a Fauci-funded biotechnology firm working in China, judging that EcoHealth Alliance’s research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology met the standard of gain-of-function research.

EcoHealth Alliance, an organization infamous for taking funding from Dr. Anthony Fauci’s NIAID to conduct controversial research into the engineering of coronavirus at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China, requested funding from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency in 2018 for Wuhan coronavirus researches.

DoD documents obtained by Veritas indicate that the military research agency rejected EcoHealth’s research proposal on the basis that the group’s research was too similar to gain-of-function.

“DARPA rejected the proposal because the work was too close to violating the gain-of-function moratorium, despite what Peter Daszak [EcoHealth Alliance’s president] says in the proposal.” The same document, authored by a Marine Corps major, goes on to assert that Dr. Fauci’s NIAID agreed to fund the research, in what amounts to inconsistent bureaucratic definition of gain-of-function research, which is barred by the federal government.
Dr. Anthony Fauci by Trump White House Archived is licensed under flickr Public Domain Mark 1.0