Pro-abortion activists descend upon homes of SCOTUS justices

Pro-abortion activists in Virginia and Maryland on Saturday gathered around the homes of Supreme Court justices who were signed onto the draft opinion leaked earlier this week that would overturn 1973 court case Roe v Wade.

Activists had vowed to protest outside the homes of those justices who were part of the majority opinion drafted by Justice Samuel Alito.

The activists gathered in evening light outside Brett Kavanaugh's home chanted "we will not go back" and picketed with signs. Kavanaugh was the subject of often violent protests during his confirmation hearing in 2018 after he was Trump's first nominee to the court.

A report from legal analyst Jonathan Turley reported that it was Kavanaugh's neighbor that was organizing a protest outside his home.
Women's Rights by Gayatri Malhotra is licensed under Unsplash