President Biden Bashes Republicans While Unveiling Border Plan

President Joe Biden criticized Republicans’ handling of the southern border as he announced plans Thursday to visit the border and address illegal immigration.  

“It’s clear that immigration is a political issue and extreme Republicans are always going to run on it,” Biden said Thursday. “But now they have a choice, they can keep using immigration to try to score political points or they can help solve the problem.”  

Speaking from the White House, Biden outlined a plan to limit the number of illegal migrants crossing into America, while lamenting that as “the most extreme Republicans continue to demagogue this issue and reject solutions, I’m left with only one choice, to act on my own, do as much as I can on my own to try to change that atmosphere.” 

The plan aims to limit the number of migrants entering America illegally from Cuba, Nicaragua, Haiti, and Venezuela to 30,000 per month. The plan expands a Department of Homeland Security program implemented in October limiting the number of Venezuelans entering America illegally amid a surge of individuals fleeing Venezuela.