Ohio introduces anti-grooming, critical race theory-banning bill

On Tuesday, Ohio Reps. Mike Loychik and Jean Schmidt introduced a bill that would prohibit schools from teaching "divisive or inherently racist concepts," and in a similar fashion to Florida, bans teaching young children about sexual orientation or gender identity.

House Bill 616 states that no schools "that enrolls students who are participating in a state scholarship program" shall "Teach, use, or provide for use by any student any curriculum, instructional material, or assignment designed to promote or endorse divisive or inherently racist concepts."

These schools will also be prohibited from "offer[ing] training or professional development to employees that promote or endorse divisive or inherently racist concepts."

The legislation defines "divisive or inherently racist concepts" as encompassing critical race theory; intersectional theory; the 1619 project; diversity, equity, and inclusion learning outcomes; inherited racial guilt; and any other concept that could be defined as divisive or inherently racist.