Nikki Haley Only 4 Points Behind Trump in New Poll

In a potential blow to the Trump campaign, a new poll released just days before Christmas put GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley, once ridiculed as past her prime and a long-shot candidate, just four points behind the former president in the critical first in the nation primary state of New Hampshire.

The survey, released Dec. 21 by the American Research Group, showed President Donald Trump won 33 percent of voter support while the former South Carolina governor won 29 percent, a further upset to the MAGA candidate's long-held mega lead over Ms. Haley and other GOP rivals since the start of the race for the presidency. 

A few days prior to the Dec. 21 poll, another poll showed Ms. Haley was only trailing President Trump by 15 points.

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Nikki Halley by U.S. Mission Photo/Eric Bridiers is licensed under flickr