New York’s Record Spike Of Omicron Results In Fewer Severe Cases

Despite a huge wave of New Yorkers coming down with the new Omicron variant, hospital ICU admissions have plunged, according to a new report.

“At Northwell Health, New York state’s largest hospital network, about 10% of recent Covid-19 patients are ending up in the ICU compared with 25%-35% in previous surges, said Mangala Narasimhan, director of critical-care services,” The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday.

The doctor also said vaccinated people are faring better than the unvaxxed.

“Fully vaccinated patients are staying for an average of four days, Dr. Narasimhan said, compared with almost two weeks for unvaccinated patients. Patients are generally younger, and a greater share is white than during other surges, she said. Officials in the U.K. and South Africa have also reported lower rates of serious illness from Omicron than previous strains of the virus,” the Journal reported.
Commuting man during COVID-19 by Andrea De Santis is licensed under Unsplash