NATO will begin military drills practicing the use of Europe's nuclear bombs on Monday after Putin warned direct clashes with Russia would spark 'global catastrophe'

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  • Source: DailyMail
  • 10/14/2022

NATO is set to start military drills practising the use of Europe's nuclear bombs on Monday after Putin warned direct clashes with Russia would spark 'global catastrophe'. 

Its annual nuclear exercise 'Steadfast Noon' will see up to 60 aircrafts take part in training flights over Belgium, the North Sea and Britain. 

The nuclear drills - which do not involve live bombs - come after Vladimir Putin said today that a direct clash between NATO and Russian troops would lead to 'global catastrophe'

The alliance said the routine drills were not 'linked to current world events'.

Putin also said today that he sees no need to carry out massive strikes against Ukraine... 'for now'.