Mariupol, Ukraine, officials warn that 'powerful, deadly epidemics could soon break out'

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  • Source: Fox News
  • 04/28/2022
The Mariupol City Council is warning Thursday that "powerful and deadly epidemics could soon break out in the city" as conditions are becoming increasingly unsanitary with each passing day of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

In a Telegram post, the officials said about 100,000 residents in Mariupol "are in mortal danger not only due to shelling, but also intolerable living conditions and unsanitary conditions" – naming in particular the illnesses of cholera, dysentery and E. coli infections. 

"The occupiers are unable to provide the existing population with food, water and medicine. Or just not interested in it," Mariupol Mayor Vadym Boychenko said Thursday. "They block all evacuation attempts. And without that, people will die." 

The Donetsk regional governor also claimed Thursday that Russia isn’t allowing wounded Ukrainian fighters to leave the Azovstal steel factory in Mariupol because it wants to capture them, Reuters reports.