Largest teachers union spent twice as much on politics as on member needs

The National Education Association , the country's largest teachers union , spent more than twice as much money on politics-related expenditures than on its membership, an analysis of the union's filings shows.

The data, compiled by the right-to-work nonprofit organization Americans for Fair Treatment, shows the teachers union donated $66 million to political activities and another $117 million to "contributions, gifts, and grants" that were primarily political donations.

The data reviewed by Americans for Fair Treatment, which was provided exclusively to the Washington Examiner, showed that the political activities donations totaled 18% of the union's $374 million budget for 2020-2021. The "contributions, gifts, and grants" totaled 32% of expenditures.

Meanwhile, only 9% of the NEA's budget was spent on direct assistance to its members, who pay an annual fee of $200 to maintain their membership in the union.

"The National Education Association’s political and charitable spending in 2020-2021 makes the NEA look more like a political organization than a membership organization," Americans for Fair Treatment told the Washington Examiner. "The union spent $2 on politics for every $1 it spent on representing its members."
man and woman sitting on chairs by Kenny Eliason is licensed under Unsplash