Joe Biden Quietly Signed an Executive Order Seizing Control of Cryptocurrencies to Create a Cashless Society

Joe Biden quietly signed an executive order seizing control of cryptocurrencies on behalf of the US government and the international banking system earlier this year, expanding the federal surveillance state to never-before-seen heights. The executive order lays the groundwork for a cashless society and central cryptocurrency banking, following in the footsteps of Communist China, where the authoritarian regime has already announced a government-controlled digital coin of its own.

Joe Biden signed Executive Order 14067 on March 9th of this year, dubbing the unilateral government commandeering of cryptocurrency the “Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets” order. Under the executive order, Biden’s federal government and its partners in banking gobble up unprecedented power and jurisdiction over the finances of American citizens, some 40 million of whom own cryptocurrency assets of their own.

The order expands on crypto regulation already adopted by the Biden government, while also setting the stage for the digital money cashless society that freedom advocates have warned of for decades.

Biden’s executive order calls for the federal government and the privately-owned Federal Reserve to develop a “digital assets policy plan,” and includes a number of left-wing buzzwords and pet issues in an apparent effort to add political street cred to the dystopic executive order. For instance, under Joe Biden’s Executive Order 14067, cryptocurrencies are ordered to be developed in an environmentally-friendly manner.