Joe Biden Announces a Mind-Numbingly Stupid Move on Gas Prices

As has become typical during most Democrat administrations in the modern era, gas prices have exploded during Joe Biden’s tenure. The national average is hovering around $4.10 a gallon, nearly double what it cost the day Biden was declared the winner of the 2020 election.

And while the White House would love to claim the rise is solely due to Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, the precipitous rise began over a year before that. That’s largely due to Biden’s anti-energy policies. While campaigning for president, he routinely promised to end the use of fossil fuels. As president, he’s shut down pipelines and frozen federal leases. The United States, after becoming energy independent under Donald Trump, is once again reliant on foreign tyrants.

With that said, the Biden administration has been touting a “big” announcement to help lower gas prices. Would the president green-light more pipelines, fast-track the permit process, and/or open up leases that are easier and cheaper to drill?