Inflation now causing financial pain for most Americans, survey shows

The hottest inflation in four decades is inflicting financial pain on a majority of Americans as the cost of everyday necessities remains stubbornly high, according to a new survey published by Gallup. 

About 56% of respondents said they are feeling the sting of price increases, up from 49% in January and 45% in November. The latest figure includes 12% of Americans who described the pain as "severe," and 44% who called it "moderate."

"With high inflation persisting for over a year, a majority of Americans now say they are experiencing financial hardship from higher prices," the survey said. "Lower-income Americans were mainly affected early on, but most middle-income Americans and a substantial minority of upper-income Americans are now feeling the strain of higher prices."
Chicago Federal Reserve Bank Building by Joshua Woroniecki is licensed under Unsplash