Indiana senate overturns governor's veto, bans biological males from competing in women's sports

Indiana lawmakers met on Tuesday to overturn Governor Eric Holcolm's March veto of a bill that would have prevented biological males from competing in women and girls' sports. The vote passed 32 to 15 and will go into effect on July 1.

In March when he vetoed the bill, Holcomb said "that the legislation doesn't provide a consistent policy for what he called 'fairness in K-12 sports,'" reported local news.

"Holcomb's failure proves the winds are changing in establishment spaces. Republicans are finding greater success in supporting families rather than lectures on taxes," Tony Kinnett told The Post Millennial.

While Holcomb had initially supported the bill, which is similar to bills across the country to protect women's and girls' sports from incursion by biological males who would take competitive spots away from females, he later claimed essentially that it wasn't necessary.