House GOP Warns Senate Colleagues Against Backing Omnibus

More than a dozen House Republicans are demanding their Senate colleagues oppose a wasteful omnibus spending package that would fund the federal government for next year — or risk facing legislative gridlock once the party takes control of the House in January.

In a letter sent to Senate Republicans on Monday, 13 GOP representatives called on the upper chamber to reject the proposed omnibus spending bill, noting that the American people didn’t elect Republicans “to continue the status quo in Washington,” but to “put aside the absurd spending and empowerment of Biden bureaucrats.”

“This slated ‘omnibus spending bill’ is an indefensible assault on the American people,” the letter reads. “It is an assault on separation of powers. It is an assault on fiscal responsibility. It is an assault on basic civic decency. And a vote for any omnibus in the remaining days of a Democrat led government is a vote in favor of that assault.”

Congress by Jeremy Buckingham is licensed under flickr Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)