Horowitz: What we expect from GOP governors and legislators in this crisis OP-ED

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  • Source: The Blaze
  • 09/10/2021
This is it. This is why our founders created a layered approach to government — for this very nightmare scenario we are confronted with today. The question is whether the Republican governors and legislators will rise to the occasion. 

We all knew this was coming. Yesterday, the Biden regime announced a full federal requirement to get the waning, leaky, and risky COVID shots that are so ineffective that they already need a third shot. In following Israel's lead, the Biden administration is not only mandating the shot on the federal workforce, but anyone who works for a private company with more than 100 employees. But the difference is that, unlike in Israel, we have state governors who can and must interpose between the feds and the people.

There has quite literally never been anything this tyrannical foisted upon us in our lifetime. The shots come with a tremendous amount of risk, particularly to those who already had the virus, which in parts of the country is already a majority of people. They haven't even fully studied the effects on pregnant women, menstrual cycles, and myocarditis in young people, yet the mandate is preceding the science.
Joe Biden by The White House is licensed under flickr U.S. Government Work