Harvard/Harris: Inflation, Economy, and Immigration Are the Leading Midterm Issues

With election day about two weeks away, and early voting already underway in most of the country, Harvard University’s Center for American Political Studies and opinion outfit Harris have released their latest poll. It shows inflation, the economy, and immigration are the leading issues on voters’ minds, and that respondents believe that Republicans are most focused on all three — immigration in particular.

The Poll. This is a massive poll of 2,010 registered voters, conducted between October 12 and 13.

Biden Management of Various Issues. Respondents were asked their opinion of Biden’s management of a series of issues. The results were not good for the president.

On the positive side from the White House’s perspective, 51 percent approved of Biden’s reaction to Covid-19, 46 percent approved of the way he’s stimulating jobs, and 44 percent approved of how Biden is administering the government and fighting terrorism, respectively.