Georgia Supreme Court Reinstates Abortion Ban Overturned by Rogue Judge

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  • Source: Redstate
  • 11/24/2022

Georgia’s Supreme Court demolished an attempt by a pro-abort lower court judge to reinstate abortion on demand in Georgia. In a 7-0 decision (one justice was recused, and one didn’t take part), the court ruled that a 2019 “heartbeat” bill could immediately take effect. This struck down a November 15 decision by Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney overturning the law, which effectively bans abortions after six weeks and puts abortion providers in Georgia out of work just in time for the Christmas season.

The decision by McBurney is illustrative of the rearguard action being fought by the children of Moloch and their progressive allies in the courts to preserve a “right” to child murder. After the Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health decision (Full Opinion: Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization) took judicial Roundup to the kudzu of Roe vs. Wade and Planned Parenthood vs. Casey, many judges and courts simply couldn’t wrap their minds around the idea that abortion was no longer protected by a bogus interpretation of the US Constitution.

In the case of McBurney, he found that even though the Georgia law had never been challenged or struck down, it was unconstitutional because when the Georgia legislature passed the law, Roe and Casey were precedents.