‘Flooding Communities With Pills’: Pharmacy Chains Found Responsible For Ohio Opioid Crisis

Several pharmacy chains, including Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens have been found partially responsible by a federal jury for two counties’ opioid crises in Ohio.

“This decision was the first ever ruling against the retail pharmacy industry, and could set the tone for countless other lawsuits across the country that seek to hold pharmacies responsible for the flood of highly addictive opioid pills into communities,” The Hill reported. 

Reports indicate that opioid addiction has led to the deaths of about half a million Americans.

“For decades, pharmacy chains have watched as the pills flowing out of their doors cause harm and failed to take action as required by law. Instead, these companies responded by opening up more locations, flooding communities with pills, and facilitating the flow of opioids into an illegal, secondary market,” said the plaintiffs who want a payout of about $1 billion to both Lake and Trumbell counties in Ohio. 
colorful drug mix by Myriam Zilles is licensed under Unsplash unsplash.com