FBI interviewed clergy as part of ‘domestic extremism’ probe into ‘traditional’ Catholics, Jim Jordan reveals

An FBI whistleblower came forward early in 2023 to expose the FBI for having targeted faithful Catholics as domestic extremists, and now the House GOP in the Weaponization of Government Committee has revealed that the FBI considered developing sources from among the Catholic clergy and had even interviewed a priest and choir director affiliated with a Catholic Church in Richmond, VA.

They also discovered that "there was no legitimate basis for the memorandum to insert federal law enforcement into Catholic houses of worship."

"The Committee and Select Subcommittee’s oversight shows that the FBI abused its counterterrorism tools to target Catholic Americans as potential domestic terrorists," reads the latest report from the subcommittee. The Committee and Select Subcommittee discovered that the FBI relied on at least one undercover agent to develop its assessment and the FBI even proposed developing sources among the Catholic clergy and church leadership.

"Not only did the FBI propose to develop sources," the report continued, "but it already interviewed a priest and choir director affiliated with a Catholic church in Richmond, Virginia for the memorandum. Most concerning of all, without the disclosure of the brave whistleblower, the Richmond memorandum would still be operative in FBI systems, violating the religious liberties of millions of Catholic Americans."

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