California School Board President Ends Meeting When Parents Decline to Wear Masks

The president of a school board in southern California ended a board meeting because parents were declining to wear face masks on Friday, doing so for the second time in two weeks.

Board President Carrie Buck told a parent that she needed to wear a face mask in order to address the Placentia-Yorba Linda School Board during the meeting, calling in a convenient excuse to silence remarks from a community member who opposes the school board’s progressive policies.

After the parent declined to wear the muzzle, Buck raised hell about parents in the crowd who declined to wear masks “correctly,” abruptly ending the meeting at 6:02.

Most board members of the district walked out in a de facto protest against the community members they’re obligated to serve, but district trustees Leandra Blades and Shawn Youngblood remained to hold an unofficial town hall event with the parents.