Border Patrol reports record number of illegal migrants encountered at border in March

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  • Source: Hotair
  • 04/17/2022
It’s a story that just keeps going with no end in sight. Border apprehensions are being reported up again for the month of March. Another record has been set. The Biden administration is failing on epically spectacular levels and handling illegal migration is at the top of the list. It should be blatantly obvious even to Americans not paying very much attention to the Southern border that Joe Biden does not care about American sovereignty. It’s sure clear to non-Americans hoping to cross the border and stay here, with or without breaking federal immigration law.

The number of illegal migrants apprehended by Border Patrol agents for the month of March is 221,303. That number is a 28% increase from last year. In March 2021, that number was 173,277 and in March 2020, the number was 34,460. The increase that followed Biden’s election is staggering. It feels like I am writing the same post over and over again. This story will get even more alarming as we proceed into the next couple of months since Biden, DHS Secretary Mayorkas, and the CDC have all confirmed the intention to put a stop to using Title 42 at the border. Never mind the hypocrisy in play that the pandemic is alive and thriving when it comes to renewing the mask mandates in place for public transportation yet Title 42 should be stopped because the pandemic is essentially over now. Apparently, the virus knows when it is at the border and when it is on an airplane or a train.