Bidenflation ‘Tax’ Costing Americans $5K Per Year

A new report published on Tuesday revealed that inflation under President Joe Biden is costing American families an average of $5,000 per year.

The report by the Washington Examiner noted West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin is correct to speak out over his concerns regarding inflation that is impacting the nation’s households worse than any time in the past 40 years.
The report based the $5,000 “Bidenflation tax” on two recent studies.

“A new analysis by the Penn Wharton Budget Model found inflation costs the average U.S. household $3,500 in higher prices. The analysis showed that ‘inflation requires the average U.S. household to spend around $3,500 more to achieve the same level of consumption of goods and services as in previous years,'” Bruce Thompson noted in the report.
Biden News by Markus Spiske is licensed under Unsplash