Biden administration quietly stockpiles 'nuclear emergency' drugs

The Biden administration's Department of Health and Human Services, headed by HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra, has spent $290 million securing supplies of a "drug for use in radiological and nuclear emergencies."

According to an Oct. 4 press release from the department, "As part of long-standing, ongoing efforts to be better prepared to save lives following radiological and nuclear emergencies, the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is purchasing a supply of the drug Nplate from Amgen USA Inc; Nplate is approved to treat blood cell injuries that accompany acute radiation syndrome in adult and pediatric patients."

"Acute radiation syndrome" (ARS) according to the release, is "also known as radiation sickness," and is explained as "when a person’s entire body is exposed to a high dose of penetrating radiation, reaching internal organs in a matter of seconds."

The release mentioned that a specific symptom of ARS is "impaired blood clotting as a result of low platelet counts, which can lead to uncontrolled and life-threatening bleeding."
Radiation by Vladyslav Cherkasenko is licensed under Unsplash